About C.S. Colvin



C.S. Colvin founded CSC Capital in 1992. Currently he is Adjunct Professor in Leadership and Organization in the MBA program at Concordia University, Portland, Ore., and is a CPE credit approved course Instructor for Corporate Compliance Seminars in Business Improvement – Restructuring and Turnaround. He has conducted over one hundred successful corporate restructuring assignments across the U.S. as well as selectively in Canada and Europe. He has written and been published extensively on business and management topics and has been a frequent seminar speaker on subjects involving corporate revitalization since 1996.

Colvin has over twenty years of experience as an Interim CEO and has personally been Board appointed on numerous occasions to manage corporate transformation engagements on difficult and/or crisis restructuring, turnaround, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), and debt and equity financing situations.


1984, Bachelor of Arts degree in political science, University of Washington, Seattle, Wash.

1986, Master of Public Administration degree, Seattle University, Seattle, Wash.

1988, Doctor of Philosophy (all but dissertation status), Public Administration, Golden Gate University, San Francisco, Calif.

1989, Senior Managers Development Programme, Templeton College, Oxford University, England

1991, Certificate in Management Studies (postgraduate level-awarded on dissertation), Templeton College, Oxford University, England

1993, Graduate, U.S. Naval War College, College of Naval Command and Staff, Newport, R.I.

1994, Diploma in Orgranisational Behaviour (postgraduate level-external student), Birkbeck, University of London, England

1997, Managing Organizational Change Program and Certificate of Professional Study, Arthur D. Little School of Management, Cambridge, Mass.

2001, Certificate, Advanced Corporate Finance Program (M&A and Financial Restructuring), Amsterdam Institute of Finance, Netherlands

2002, Certificate, Venture Capital Investments Program, Amsterdam Institute of Finance, Netherlands

2006, Corporate Restructuring, Mergers, and Acquisitions Program, Harvard Business School, Cambridge, Mass.

Professional Experience:

1983- 1984, Senate Intern, Senator Kent Pullen, Washington State Senate, Olympia, Wash.

1984 -1986, President, Chief Lobbyist and State Chairman, Washington State Public Lands Association, Seattle, Wash.

1986 -1989, Senior Management Analyst/Project Manager/Partner, Armand E.R. Mulder and Associates, Management Consultants, San Francisco, Calif.

1987-1988, 1991, Adjunct Professor in Human Resource Management and Development, Chapman University, Orange, Calif.

1989-1990, Lecturer in Political Science, American University, Washington D.C.

1991, Lecturer in Public Administration and Government, Golden Gate University, San Francisco, Calif.

1991-1993, Senior Project Manager/Vice President of Management Services, Williams Associates, Management Consultants, Walnut Creek, Calif.

1992-present, Founder, Chairman and CEO, CSC Capital, Bend and Salem, Ore.

2009-present, Instructor in Business Improvement – Restructuring and Turnaround, Corporate Compliance Seminars, Austin, Tex.

2011-present, Adjunct Professor in Ethical Leadership and Organizational Behavior, Concordia University, Portland, Ore.

Military Experience:

U.S. Naval Reserves, served both active duty and in the reserves. Colvin was First-in-Class (Honor Man) in Navigation “A” School and is a graduate of the Naval Submarine School. Awarded the Deep Dive Certificate and Qualified in Submarines Certificate. His submarine deployments include: Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Caribbean tours based out of Naval Station Norfolk. He is a non-resident graduate of the Naval War College and was Honorably Discharged as a Lieutenant in 1995. He is a Graduate Life Member of the Naval War College Foundation.


Colvin monitors the world economy by reading The Economist, Foreign Affairs, The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, and the Financial Times. He is a “recovering” historian and philosopher; his completed magus opus doctoral dissertation on the evolution of why republican governments decline over time has yet to be published. He collects old books, works out with weights, plays chess and shoots pool.

In 2012 he took the summer off working as a National Wildfire Coordinating Group certified wildland firefighter (Initial Attack Engine Crewmember) on Western wildfires.